Life360 App Now Includes Tile™ to Connect and Protect Everyone and Everything That Matters Most

The leading family and location membership becomes the largest finding network for iOS and Android users

SAN FRANCISCONov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Life360, a leading membership for family safety and location services, today enhanced its in-app experience to begin allowing members to see Tile™ Bluetooth trackers within their maps. In the coming weeks, Life360 members will be able to find important items through Tile trackers, while continuing to protect and connect the people they care about through existing advanced driving, location, and digital safety features.

Building upon the Life360 experience, members can now see and track Tiles on their map, bringing even more value to the membership 1 in 10 U.S. families depend on. As the original item finder, Tile trackers—which come in a variety of shapes and sizes—help consumers keep track of keys, wallets, phones and just about anything that matters. Now, Life360 members and Tile users can see that everyone and everything is where it should be at a glance, offering even more peace of mind to busy families and making it a little easier to get through the day.

Life360’s 42M+ members now also have the option to join Tile’s Finding Network. By adding Life360’s members who have opted in, Tile’s network has the potential to increase by 10x and create the largest cross-platform finding network on the market for both iOS and Android users. This expanded network gives Tile users the added benefit of finding important items even faster when they are lost far away.

“Millions of families and friends depend on Life360 to give them the freedom to go about their day knowing the people they care about are safe, and now we’re lightening their load even more,” said Chris Hulls, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life360. “Everyone misplaces things, sometimes out in the world and sometimes under a couch cushion, but either way, it’s a nuisance and can be a huge hassle. Adding Tile to Life360’s app is one of many ways our combined companies are working to deliver value to our members’ experience and make life easier so they can focus on what matters most.”

In just a few steps, Life360 members can now link Tile Bluetooth trackers to their account and allow their entire “Circle” of family and friends to see the location of important items within their Life360 map. Life360 members will automatically be able to see Tile and Tile-enabled products’ last reported location, so everyone in their Circle can easily locate shared items or help each other retrieve something that’s been misplaced. Finding a Tile is as simple as tapping “Find” in the Life360 app, which launches the free Tile app to ring a Tile if it’s nearby or select “Notify when Found” if it’s lost on-the-go.

“Whether you’re tracking your keys in a pinch with Tile or sending your teen driver immediate help following Life360’s crash detection, the ability to confirm the people and things that matter in your life are safe and accounted for takes the stress out of everyday life,” said Hulls. “Every two minutes, Life360 helps a member in an emergency situation. The safety that Life360 membership already offers is now enhanced by Tile’s ability to help find lost items, creating a greater safety net around the people and things we care most about.”

This expansion of Life360’s app follows the company’s acquisition of Tile in November 2021, alongside an understanding that the things that mean the most to people show them who they are becoming. A camera is a passion and a plan, a backpack is filled with ideas, and pets are family members.

The launch of these new services is part of Life360’s vision to expand its offering to help protect and connect everyone and everything people care about. Today, members can expand their Circle to include items using Tile. In the future, pets, young children and seniors will be incorporated, creating an even larger circle of protection for families at every life stage.

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About Life360

As the world’s leading membership for safety and location services, Life360 offers busy families peace of mind and freedom by connecting and protecting everyone and everything that matters most. Combined with Tile, a Life360 company and pioneer in finding technology, members can locate missing items and see that everything is where it should be at a glance. Life360 makes it possible for families to coordinate daily activities in real-time, keep track of kids, connect with friends, find pets and important items, give teens safe independence, assist in emergencies, and so much more. Visit or for more information on how Life360 brings families together and Tile ensures that missing items aren’t lost.


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