Life360 Passes 2 Million Family Milestone by Adding 100,000 New Users per Week for Family Safety App

Acquires app developer, MacSpots, to accelerate development of innovative new features to leading family safety app on iOS platform


San Francisco, CA – April 13, 2011 – Life360, the largest provider of mobile personal safety applications for the iPhone and Android platforms, announced that its award-winning family safety app is now being used by over 2 million families, and is growing by 100,000 to 120,000 users each week. In fact, Life360 added over 1 million users in February and March alone, which represents a 1900% increase in sign up rate as compared to August 2010.


Life360’s application enables families to use their mobile phone as the ultimate family safety device by offering check-in and panic capabilities, so parents can non-intrusively maintain communication with their kids. These capabilities are key competitive differentiators, as Life360 makes children comfortable with the application – and therefore use it – as a welcome alternative to having parents monitor their whereabouts at all times.


Life360 has also acquired iOS application developer, MacSpots. The MacSpots team has joined Life360 to accelerate the development of its iPhone app, including improvements to the end user experience. MacSpots, who has developed several successful iOS applications, has demonstrated a superior technical talent and understanding of the iOS experience.


“Life360 has been very successful in using location-based services to disrupt the family safety market and has become the go-to application for mobile family security,” said Jason Jardim, founder and CEO of MacSpots. “Given our background in building engaging apps for children and parents, we are excited to be able to join a company like Life360 and contribute to its future success.”


“Life360’s phenomenal growth confirms that we are solving a real need for families,” said Chris Hulls, co-founder and CEO of Life360. “To build on this successful growth, the acquisition will allow us to enhance and improve our product. Our continuing goal is developing innovative technologies that help families keep their loved ones safe and secure.”

The company offers free apps in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace. Versions for other mobile platforms are in development. For more details on Life360, including additional family safety services, visit


About Life360

Life360 is the way parents on the go keep their children safe, providing security to over 2 million families. Recognized by Facebook and Google for its location-based safety system, Life360’s award-winning mobile and web products give parents a way to see where their child is located, when they need help and what the threats are around them. Everything is done in a convenient and secure way that doesn’t interfere with busy schedules or personal freedom. By addressing the immediate concerns of parents in today’s world, Life360 is rapidly redefining the safety and security landscape. For more information, visit


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