How Kristina found Life360

“I was worried about my son going on long walks with the dogs. I searched and tried a bunch of apps and ended up loving Life360!”

How Kristina and her family use Life360

Kristina uses the locating feature to stay connected with her son while he’s out on walks or coming home from school. “The roads Nick walks home on don’t always have sidewalks and can be really busy. It’s nice to be able to watch him walking home from my phone.”

What Kristina loves most about Life360

Kristina loves the peace of mind Life360 brings her. As a single mother, life can be busy and she can’t be available 24/7, but she can stay connected. “For me, it’s not about controlling my son or where he goes—it’s about knowing that he’s safe.”

How Life360 saved the day

“My son walks dogs in the neighborhood & often leaves his phone on silent,” which can be worrisome when you’re trying to get ahold of someone. Kristina says, “It has helped me stay on top of his whereabouts numerous times. I was locating him one day while he was out walking the neighbor’s dog. Because I knew where he was planning to go, I could see that he was fine and on his way”.

Life360 lesson learned

“It’s important to always keep your family prepared and ready for anything. Life360 helps us do that by keeping us connected every step of the way.”

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