How Mike found Life360

“Searching the Android Market for apps that would help me and my family.”

How Mike and his family use Life360

“I use it everyday so I can know my daughter is safe. We have very busy and different schedules so it’s a great feeling to know where she is with a tap of a button! She is very involved in soccer and has lots of away games so I don’t hear from her until she is back at school and needs a ride home. By using Life360, I can track where she is and figure out approximately when she will arrive back at school.”

What Mike loves most about Life360

“It’s so simple to use and lets me stay connected with my daughter even when we’re apart.”

How Life360 saved the day

“My daughter worked hard all summer to save up enough money to purchase her first smartphone and pay the data charges for the year. She purchased the phone about one month ago. Then, last Friday, she was at soccer practice when her new phone went missing from the gym locker room. Thanks to Life360, the police had no problem recovering her phone! It’s not the reason I downloaded this app, but it sure paid off and proved that Life360 does work!

Life360 lesson learned

Life360 has lots of different uses, some of them might surprise you!

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