How Shenna found Life360

“I found out about Life360 in my doctor’s waiting room. One of the other patients noticed me on my phone and started asking if I knew of any good apps. She in return told me about Life360. And I have told everyone else…they just can’t believe it is FREE!!”

How Shenna and her family use Life360

“We have found the application a great way to keep tabs on my 15 year old without consistently calling him every five minutes. We also taught both kids (the other is 9) how to use the panic button and when, how, where to use it. Next month, we are taking the WHOLE family to Disney World and plan to use the app there to keep everyone together. It will be great!”

What Shenna loves most about Life360

“What I love most about Life360 is I don’t have to wait to ‘get a hold’ of someone. Especially because I worry SO much about my kids when I am not with them. Now I can just look them up and make sure they are still where they are supposed to be without calling them all the time (it embarrasses them in front of their friends when I call to ‘check in’). If I see a location not planned, I know I need to make a call.”

How Life360 saved the day

“The other day my sister took my daughter to the movie and didn’t bother telling me. This of course sent me into a panic. I kept calling but she had obviously turned off the ringer. I went onto the application and saw they were both located in the movie. Problem solved and Mom at ease!” It might not have been an emergency, but a peace of mind is highly valued.

Life360 lesson learned

Life360 keeps the whole family connected and always provides a peace of mind!

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