How Tanya found Life360

Searching on the Android app market for things to make her family’s life more organized and safe.

How Tanya and her family use Life360

“We use Life360 to let each other know where we are and that we are safe, especially when we go into the backcountry.”

What Tanya loves most about Life360

“It’s so easy to use for my family! When any or all of us go away on adventures, my family can still stay connected and safe.”

How Life360 saved the day

“Our son will be 20 years old this April and lives on his own. He uses Life360 to feel reassured about his Dad and me when we’re out snowshoeing or hiking in remote areas. He worries that something may happen to us while we are out, like he’ll ask himself, ‘What if something happens to Dad and Mom and they can’t get out?'”

“It’s not completely unfounded. When my son was 8 years old, I was in a serious car accident. At the time, I was a single parent. My son helped me with everything until I was able to care for myself again. Even though I got married not too long after, and am only using a wheelchair part-time now, he is still very protective. I’m an incomplete paraplegic with asthma and glucose problems. I’ve been known to pass out on the trail. But it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the outdoors!”

Life360 lesson learned

Life360’s ability to provide safety isn’t just for mom and dad, it is something for the kids too! “I think for my son that it’s a relief when he gets an ‘I am safe’ check-in from us during a trek. Of course, he says he is just being sure we know he’s doing OK.”

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