How Tavon found Life360

“I was searching the internet for a low cost (free!) app to keep tabs on my family and I came across Life360.”

How Tavon and his family use Life360

Tavon uses the app almost everyday to make sure his family always stays connected and in sync. He and his mom also use it to make sure his little brother makes it from home to the bus stop and to school!

What Tavon loves most about Life360

“It’s simple!” Tavon loves the simplicity of the app and believes anyone can easily learn to use the app.

How Life360 saved the day

“My little brother loves riding his scooter around the neighborhood. While riding one day, he dropped his phone and didn’t realize it was missing until much later that night. As soon as I found out, I checked Life360 and found that it had been at a local residence since 7:23 pm. I was able go directly to the house, ask for the phone and it was back in my possession within 30 minutes. The look on their faces when I came directly to the house where the phone was at was priceless!!!”

Life360 lesson learned

GPS locating can come in handy for more than just staying in sync with family. “Life360 saved us from buying a new phone!”

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