Go through this handy guide if you're running into issues. If you are doing this for a family member, make sure to use their phone—not yours.
1. Check the basics

There are a few reasons why you may not see a user's location:

  • The user closed Life360 as an active app on his/her smartphone (Ask them to open Life360)
  • The user turned off his/her phone or the battery has run out
  • The user entered an area where there is no network connection
  • His/Her phone is in Airplane mode
  • The user needs to update to the latest version of Life360
2. Check phone settings

In order for Life360 to collect and refresh a user’s location, they must have Location Services and Background App Refresh (IOS) turned on in their phone settings.

  • Turn ON Location Services

    iPhone: Go to iPhone's Settings > Location Services > turn ON Life360
    Android: Go to Settings > Location Services > make sure the checkboxes are on for all location options

  • Turn ON Background App Refresh (iPhone Only):

    Go to iPhone's Settings > General > Background App Refresh> turn ON Life360

3. Wrong User Login

Is this user logged into the Life360 app as the correct person? Make sure they are logged into the app on their own phone with their own email and password.

4. Troublesome Apps

App Killers and Task Managers can stop Life360 from running. If the user has a battery-saving app such as this on his/her phone, Life360 must be given permission to run.

5. Update Life360 to Current Version

Make sure the newest version of the Life360 app is installed on each phone. You can see if there is a new version by searching for Life360 in the app store.

6. Reinstall

If the app is not working correctly, you can always try deleting the app and installing it again from the app store. Then, restart the phone.

Still need help?

Still need help? Feel free to email our support team.