Tile + Life360: Everyone and everything that matters, tracked in one place

At Life360, we’re on a mission to simplify safety so families can live fully. As the world’s #1 family safety membership, we offer plans with advanced location sharing, and driving and digital safety features for every family size and life stage. We’re excited that Life360 membership now includes Tile Bluetooth trackers.

With Life360 + Tile, you can now protect and connect your loved ones and important stuff – even when you’re apart – from the convenience of your Life360 app.

Add Tile Bluetooth Trackers to Your Life360 App Today

iPhone with Life360 app open and map of family and Tile trackers shown with location on screen

Don’t lose what you can’t live without.

It happens to all of us. Keys get stuck in the couch cushions. Wallets get left at restaurants, backpacks get forgotten on the bus, and sporting equipment gets misplaced at the away game. But with Tile, missing items don’t have to be lost.

No more wondering. No more worrying. No more meltdowns. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Life360 + Tile will help you find it.

Find anything, anywhere.

If a Tile tracker is close by, you can ring it with your phone. And if your phone is what’s missing, you can use your Tile to make it ring too — even if it’s on silent.

If your Tile isn’t within earshot, you can check your Life360 map to see the last time it was with you or get its most recent location. All Tiles emit a secure Bluetooth signal, so when a phone with the Tile app passes by your lost item, you’ll get a location update — automatically and anonymously.

Animated map from Life360 app with 3 Tiles tracking a remote, keys, and wallet
iPhone with Life360 app underneath keychain with Tile Mate attached

How to add Tile trackers to Life360:

1. Activate your Tiles in the free Tile app. Attach them to everything that matters, from wallets to favorite toys.

2. Open your Life360 app, select “add an item” and follow the steps to link your Tile and Life360 accounts.

3. See your Tiles on your shared family map! Every new Tile you activate on the Tile app will automatically appear for your whole Circle on the Life360 map to see.

Find your stuff in Life360 with Tile trackers. Click here to learn more about how it works

Animated couple with dog celebrating beneath Tile Mate and Life360 Gold membership card

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