Does Airplane Mode Turn Off Location Sharing?

Airplane taking off on a slightly cloudy day

Whether you’re flying to a city for vacation or accidentally pressed the button when trying to turn your flashlight on, everyone has seen airplane mode’s effects on their phone. Generally, cellular service and WiFi are disabled once the mode is activated, but how does it affect location sharing?

The GPS feature of your phone does not operate off of cellular service, so your device will send out signals in case of an emergency while in airplane mode. However, any apps you download, such as Life360, often only work if there is a connection. 

Does Airplane Mode Turn Off Location Sharing Services?

Airplane mode won’t turn off your phone’s internal GPS system, but it can impact the location-sharing services you download. Since these apps aren’t a pre-built feature on your phone, they often require cellular service or WiFi to work properly. 

Can Your Location Be Tracked When Airplane Mode is Turned On?

Your phone has a built-in GPS that is still visible and can be tracked when in Airplane mode for emergency purposes because it is based on satellites. Any other location-sharing apps you might have are generally disabled and won’t work during airplane mode. 

It’s a good idea if you use a platform like Life360 to let others know you’ll be traveling and won’t be able to share your location with them until after you’re off the plane. 

Can Someone See Your Location on Airplane Mode with WiFi?

iPhone with wifi and location sharing services on

If your phone is only in airplane mode, anyone who has access to your GPS can see your location. One way to ensure your location is hidden from others and third parties is to disable the GPS feature on your iPhone or Android. 

When Should You Use Airplane Mode?

Most people assume that airplane mode should only be used when flying. However, there are several other instances where putting your phone in the mode makes perfect sense. For example, suppose your children play games on your phone. In that case, placing the device in airplane mode can prevent them from accidentally calling someone.

A few other ways you can utilize airplane mode include:

  • Unplugging from the digital world and cutting off all interruptions
  • Preventing international roaming charges
  • Saving battery life when your phone is on E

How to Turn On Airplane Mode 

Android phone on airplane mode at 10:29

Turning on airplane mode differs depending on which type of device you use. Here’s a step-by-step guide for turning airplane mode on iPhone and Android. 


  • Click Control Center on the Home Screen
  • Push the Airplane Mode Button


  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Network & Internet
  • Push the Button Next to Airplane Mode

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode

Turning off airplane mode is just as easy as turning it on. Let’s look at a quick guide on how to turn off airplane mode for iPhones and Android phones.


  • Go to settings
  • Tap on the Button on Airplane Mode to Turn it off


  • Open Settings
  • Click Network & Internet 
  • Switch the Button Next to Airplane Mode Off

Can A Phone Be Tracked When Turned Off?

A phone cannot be tracked by GPS signaling when it is turned off, meaning that the live location of the phone will be unavailable. In Life360, you can still see the last known location of the device within the app.

Download Life360 to Stay in the Know While Traveling

Since airplane mode can affect how location-sharing services perform, switching off the feature when you’re finished using it is essential. After the mode is disabled, apps like Life360 will once again begin sharing your location with your friends and family. 

If you aren’t currently using a location-sharing service and want to try one, Life360 is offering free membership to new customers. Download the app today and start sharing your location.

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