Location Safety

More wandering, less wondering.

  • Illustration of a bellSmart Notifications
  • 3 illustrated location markersLocation History
  • Illustration of a house with a chimneyPlace Alerts
  • Illustration of a location pinBubbles
  • Illustration of lifesaverSOS Help Alerts
  • Illustration of a planeLanding Notifications

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Illustrations of town center with fountain, cars, and buildings and Life360 notifications around it

Peace of mind starts here. ↓

Life360 Place Alert notification on mobile phone
Drive screen with notification
iPhone with a Life360 low battery notification
iPhone with a Life360 Map at an Airport with a landing notification

Before you have to ask…

“When will you be home?”

Place Alerts share comings and goings from your family’s customized spots.

Before you have to ask…

“How was the drive?”

Drive Notifications let you know they’re safe, no matter how long the trip.

Before you have to ask…

“Why aren’t you answering?”

Low Battery Notifications show who might be out of touch soon.

Before you have to ask…

“Have you landed yet?”

Landing Notifications automatically alert your Circle the moment their flight touches down.

Two young women with skateboards and Life360 notification "At Skate Park" Map showing Life360 Location History with a woman's icon on the map
Illustrated person riding a skateboard

Location History

See your favorite routes.

See an ongoing timeline of your family’s comings and goings, organized by day. Easily review past trips and even see how much time you and your family members are spending in specific locations.

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Keep everybody in the loop.

Boy with backpack looking over his shoulder Three Place Alert notifications

Place Alerts

Know where they are without asking.

See when they get home from school, leave work, or start warming up on the practice field. When you’re all busy doing your thing, Place Alerts keep you in the know.

Three Place Alert notifications
Person on a bicycle Life360 app on smartphone with the Bubble feature set up


Safety + space = win-win.

We all need to do our own thing once in a while. A Bubble lets you temporarily show only your general location for a set period of time for a little privacy. Your Circle will see only your general whereabouts, while all safety features stay on.

Life360 app on smartphone with the Bubble feature set up

Know when their flight
lands automatically.

No more checking flight trackers, watching for texts, or waiting for calls. Landing Notifications automatically send an alert to your Circle the moment your flight touches down.

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Get anytime, anywhere help.

Life360 app showing Help Alert feature

SOS Help Alerts

Ask for help without saying a word.

An empty parking building. An unfamiliar street. A late walk home. If you ever feel unsafe or are in an emergency, SOS Help Alerts sends a silent help alert with your location to your Circle and emergency contacts.

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