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Family safety through location sharing. Live fully with Life360.

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Loved by 66+ million members worldwide and counting.

223 billion

Miles driven with Life360 Crash Detection

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Our story How we got here.

  • 2005

    Life360 was conceived in the aftermath of Huricane Katrina

  • 2008

    Google Play store launches with Life360

  • 2016

    Life360 adds Crash Detection and Roadside Assistance

  • 2020

    Life360 expands membership with Identity Theft Protection

  • 2021

    Families in 195 countries rely on Life360 to keep their loved ones safe

We believe safety and independence can go hand-in-hand.

Family walking on beach

Independence for families

Because we offer such a comprehensive range of safety features, families can feel free of daily worry. Free to explore, adventure, try new things, and trust themselves and one another.

Parents sitting on couch with a Dalmatian dog

Independence for parents

Every parent has an idea of who they want to be for their kids, and then reality sets in. Life360 gives parents a break. Because when all their safety bases are covered, they can reclaim their parenting style, and even free up some time in the day.

Teenagers walking and laughing with cellphones in their hands

Independence for teens

Teens want space to experiment and figure out what life’s all about. They care about their friends and want to feel connected. Life360 gives them a way to stay close to all their Circles—family, friends, teams, etc—but with room to roam safely.

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