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Stay connected with family and friends with Life360’s premium phone GPS tracking app. Register for a free trial to connect with family and friends today.

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Life360 Phone Location Tracking Features

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When you register for Life360 and create a Circle, your phone will become part of a network that is connected to your family and/or friends.

Tracking your own phone can be as simple as requesting a Circle to look at their in-app map. You can also keep track of your Circle as they go about their daily lives.

In addition to the simplicity of phone location sharing, Life360 offers a range of features to enhance your location sharing experience.

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GPS Phone Tracking Features by Plan

iOS and Android
iOS and Android
Stolen Phone Protection
Up to $250
Up to $500
Included Tile Tracker
Tile Mate
Tile Starter Pack
Unlimited Place Alerts
Emergency Dispatch
Individual Driving Reports
30 Day Location History
Estimated Time of Arrival
7-Day Free Trial

Life360 Phone Location Sharing Testimonials

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Life360, a Lifestyle Choice

Beyond phone tracking, Life360 is more than just a location sharing app – it’s a membership that can protect and save the lives of those you care about most. Along with its GPS tracking capabilities, Life360 offers a wealth of benefits listed below.

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Additional Life360 Benefits

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Location History

Get an ongoing timeline of your Circle’s comings and goings, organized by day. Easily review past trips including who went which way and when.

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SOS Alerts with Emergency Dispatch

Ask for help without saying a word. If you ever feel unsafe or are in an emergency, SOS sends a silent help alert with your location to your Circle and emergency contacts.

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Credit Monitoring

We’ll update you with important changes to your credit report — like new accounts opened in your name — so you’re always in the know.

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Identity Theft Protection

If your identity is ever stolen, our White Glove Restoration services include $1M in stolen funds reimbursement, time-saving paperwork assistance, 24/7 live support, and more.

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Roadside Assistance

Car trouble happens even to the safest drivers. We’ll send a trained professional right to you — anytime, anywhere.

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Travel Support

Don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of travel planning and damage control. Our live support helps with your trip both before and during your travels.

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