Life360 vs Famisafe™: For more than just families.

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The Basic overview


While offering the leading family safety membership, Life360 helps more than just families connect with their loved ones. Friends, couples, coworkers, and families alike use Life360 for its location sharing and emergency protection capabilities. Its features include location safety, advanced driving, digital safety, emergency assistance features, and Tile™ Bluetooth trackers. Compatible on Apple and Android. Learn more about how Life360 works here.


Famisafe is also a family safety app, but is an app that focuses more heavily on parental control as opposed to location, driving, and emergency safety. While offering location sharing and driving features similar to Life360, the biggest draw for this app monitoring and controlling device usages for children. Parents can use this app to block and monitor phone activity such as: screen time, browser history, app usage, and more.

Why choose Life360 over Famisafe™ app?


“What happens if there’s an emergency? What if someone is hurt or stranded? That’s where a safety app can help, and we researched them all to find the best one out there. With Life360, you can quickly track down people you love when they’re in need or just for peace of mind. It provides real-time location information on everyone you add to your “circle.” –

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Life360 vs Family360™ Features


iOS and Android
iOS and Android
Free Plan
Paid Plan
Two Tiers
Three Tiers
Location Sharing
Location History
Driving Speed Reports
Crash Detection
SOS Alerts
Emergency Dispatch
With Gold/Platinum
Roadside Assistance
With Gold/Platinum
Identity Theft Protection
With Gold/Platinum
Disaster Response
With Platinum
Bluetooth Tracker Capability
Tile Trackers
Search History Monitoring
Phone Activity Monitoring

Additional Life360 benefits

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Build a Circle

Circles are like private groups. Stay connected with your family in one Circle, your friends in another, and your dog walkers in a third.

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See Location History

Get an ongoing timeline of your Circle’s comings and goings, organized by day. Easily review past trips including who went which way and when.

Illustration of a woman getting a facial with cucumbers on her eyes, with a Life360 notification reading "Mom is at the spa"

Set Place Alerts

See when your Circle gets home from school, leaves work, or stops by the grocery store without asking by setting Place Alerts at your spots.

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Low Battery Alerts

Know who’s about to lose power with Low Battery Alerts.

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SOS Alerts

Ask for help without saying a word. If you ever feel unsafe or are in an emergency, SOS sends a silent help alert with your location to your Circle and emergency contacts.

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Crash Detection

Crash Detection senses any collision over 25mph and immediately reaches out to the driver or passenger involved.

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See why Life360 is the leading family safety app with a 4.7 star rating on the App Store and a 4.6 star rating on Google Play.

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