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What is identity theft? ↓

It happens to 1 in 3 families.

Identity theft is when hackers steal your personal info and use it to open accounts in your name, rack up credit card debt, fake tax documents, and more. It’s super common, and even happens to 1 million kids each year. Life360 is here to protect your data and your family from data breaches and identity theft from scams, malware, and more.

Identity theft can happen online and offline:

We safeguard your data so you can live more and worry less.


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identity protection alerts are discovered weekly.


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Online protection for the whole family.

Data Breach Alerts

Stop threats from becoming theft.

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Data Breach Alerts

Stop threats from becoming theft.

  • Detect

    We actively scan the dark web, where hackers can sell your stolen personal info.

  • Alert

    If we detect a breach, we'll let you know right away so you can act.

  • Resolve

    We'll share next steps to secure your accounts and prevent ID theft.

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Approximately 30% of data breaches lead to identity theft — often with something as simple as a stolen email address.

Identity Theft Protection

Speedy recovery.

If your identity is ever stolen, our White Glove Restoration services include up to $1M in stolen funds reimbursement, time-saving paperwork assistance, 24/7 live support, and more.

We’ll cover:


$25K/per person, per year


$1M/per person, per year

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Credit Monitoring

Proactive protection.

We’ll update you with important changes to your credit report — like new accounts opened in your name — so you’re always in the know.

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