Introducing Life360’s New Landing Notifications

A woman smiling down at her phone with a Life60 landing notification popped up beside her.

Get ready to soar to new heights with Life360’s latest update. We are happy to announce the release of our new flight Landing Notification feature. Now, not only can your loved ones keep track of whereabouts on the ground, but they’ll also be able to see when you are in flight and, most importantly, when you safely touch down. 

Cloud nine, peace of mind has arrived with our new Landing Notifications.

What Are Landing Notifications?

Your new favorite travel hack is finally here: When your loved ones are flying high through the skies, Life360 has your back with Landing Notifications. No more missed texts or lost connections, just effortless arrival updates and peace of mind for everyone. This feature will send a push notification to your Circle when your flight lands at its destination.

A smartphone with Life360's flight detection toggle on screen

How to Use Landing Notifications

For Landing Notifications to work automatically, each Circle member must have ‘Flight Detection’ turned on, and the user in flight must have ‘Location Sharing’ permissions turned on.

Yes, it’s that simple! With the settings above, a plane emoji will appear on the map throughout a Circle member’s journey when they’re on the airport runway and while in flight.

Once the Circle member has landed at an airport, their Circle will receive the notification that they have successfully landed at their destination.

And yes – this feature works in Airplane Mode.

6 Tips for Using Life360 When Traveling

Life360 is a great tool for traveling, both domestically and internationally. Here are a few tips for using Life360 while on the go:

1. Turn on Location Sharing: If you are traveling away from home, with or without your friends and family, sharing your location is a great idea. Not only can it help with coordinating meet-ups, but it can also ensure that people are looking out for you and your safety.

An illustrated group of people traveling.

2. Turn on Flight Detection: With this feature, you can update your Circle on when your flight lands by turning on flight detection. This can help coordinate pick-up times and let your loved ones know you had a safe flight.

3. Use Tile Bluetooth Trackers: When you add a Tile Bluetooth tracker to your Life360 map, you can track more than just the people you love. You can add a Tile to your luggage, wallet, passport, backpack, and more.

4. Utilize Place Alerts: Traveling together sometimes means splitting up. Set up Places at common meetup areas such as the hotel, landmarks, or restaurants to get notified when a Circle member arrives at or departs from that location.

5. SOS Alerts: If you ever find yourself in an unsafe situation, you can send an SOS alert to your Circle members, signaling your need for assistance. If you have Life360 Gold or Platinum, you will also benefit from Emergency Dispatch, which will send help to your location ASAP.

6. Travel Support: For Life360 Platinum members, you have the added benefit of having your own travel support team, offering the following services:

  • 24/7 emergency travel arrangements
  • Lost/Stolen travel documents assistance
  • Lost luggage assistance
  • Translator and interpreter referral
  • Pre-trip information

Life360: Your Favorite Travel Companion, In the Air and On the Ground.

Make your travel experience stress-free by utilizing Life360’s Landing Notifications and essential travel features. Peace of mind starts now – register for Life360 online and download the app today.

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