Hacking Life360: Suggested uses for Lists

You may have noticed we added a new feature at the end of last year, the ability to create shared Lists for your Circles.

We’ve got some suggestions of ways to use Lists, and we would love to hear how you’re using them in the comments below!

Vacation and travel: Amy from the marketing team says that Lists came in handy on a trip to Tennesee over the holidays, where she and her boyfriend kept a list of places they went, so they could remember specifics at a later date.

amy list tennessee

Party planning: Team member Jenn relied on Lists to keep her roommates organized and on task while they prepared for their New Year’s Eve celebration. “I coordinated groceries in one list, Costco supplies in another, and tasks that needed to be done around the house in the third list.”

When you’ve got a group of people working towards a common goal, it’s nice to be able to see what others are finishing so you aren’t wasting time duplicating efforts, and nothing is getting left undone.

Daily family organization: Aaron was willing to share his very specific shopping list with us; as you can tell, only the very important items make his list. Shay told us that “we have one set for each store we frequent, which reduced the “I’m at the drugstore, do you need me to get anything” texts to a minimum.” That’s a great idea!

aaron list


Holiday shopping: Because she’s able to share Lists only with specific family members, and not everyone in the Circle, Lizz and her parents are keeping a list of ideas for her sister’s upcoming birthday, and they’re able to manage it within Life360 instead of having to install yet another app to share the list.

lizz list

General reminders: Mike and his wife are expecting their first baby this spring, so they “keep a list of “stuff we want to ask her doctor at her next pre-natal exam.”  Then we go through the list once we’re in the room with the doctor and fire off all the questions.  I think that our doctor winces now when the phones come out.”

Are you using Lists yet? Have you come up with any great uses we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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