How Life360 helped Valery Get Back on the Road

Our users at Life360 often share stories of how they’re using the app – whether it’s about how they are staying connected with their families or have peace-of-mind from monitoring new teenage drivers. The stories of gratitude we receive on a daily basis keeps us working hard to constantly improve our app. We recently connected with one of our users, Valery H., who offered to share her experience with Life360’s roadside assistance.

Valery was first introduced to Life360 through her pastor, who had been using Life360’s Driver Protect features to keep his new teen driver safe on the road. Valery became immediately interested in the additional driving safety features because her husband’s car was not in top condition. However, it was Valery’s car that began making a funny noise almost exactly a year after signing up for Driver Protect. She took it to a mechanic who said everything looked fine, but the noise persisted and continued to get louder over the next few days. Finally, as she was sitting at a stop light, the car sputtered out and died. Remembering she had Life360, Valery tapped the button for roadside assistance and was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

“The service was flawless – it was so great it blew me away,” said Valery. “The experience was extremely quick and very smooth.”

The roadside service easily located her and arrived quickly. The roadside agent began examining Valery’s car and talked through each step of her inspection – putting Valery at ease that she was in good hands. After only a few minutes, the agent determined that the belt of the car had come off and ultimately towed the car 15 minutes back to Valery’s home.

“I had prepared myself for a painfully long afternoon trying to get roadside assistance, but Life360 made it so quick that it only took 30 minutes out of my afternoon.”

Aside from the roadside services, Valery loves using the location sharing feature. Since her husband does not text while he drives (at all!), it comes in handy when she needs to check if he is passing the store to pick up a few items needed from the store.

We’re so happy that Valery had a pleasantly surprising experience with our roadside assistance and that our location sharing makes coordinating grocery pick up easy. Thank you for letting us share your story!

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