How Renee used Life360 to alert her family of her emergency

Tell us a little about you.

My husband and I are both truck drivers. We drive team together meaning one of us drives 11 hours, then switch. We drive from Georgia to California and make it across the US in 2 and a half days. We also have two boxer dogs and have been riding with us for a couple years.

How did you hear about Life360 and why did you download it?

My daughter Stacy discovered Life360 and because she was always bothered not knowing where I was on the road, she asked me to download it. Eventually the whole family downloaded it so that they could keep track of both my husband and I. 

How long have you been a user?

Been about a year. We are on the Premium Plan

Who is in your circle & what is your favorite feature?

We are a close family. My son, daughter, sister, niece and nephew are all on Life360. I love being able to check in and see where everyone is. As a mom, it’s helpful to keep track of driving habits, and the kids do the same with us parents!

Describe your family life in 3 words

Very outspoken, direct, and to the point! 

How has Life360 helped you in an unexpected way? 

I had just finished my driving shift around 2:30am on June 15th and my husband moved in front to take over for his shift. I was changing into my pajamas for the night and had sat down when I noticed a chest drawer was ajar. I reached for it and all of a sudden I remember being in the air, seeing our refrigerator also in the air, and then I was stuck somehow. I remember hearing a few loud pops and the truck violently pulling to the left, which led the truck to roll over on the ramp. When we finished rolling, my body was bent such that my head was touching my feet. A good Samaritan saw the accident and called 911, who eventually arrived and put me in an ambulance to the Trauma Center at the Indiana Hospital. When I was at the hospital, they gave me my cell phone which was retrieved at the scene. I tried to call my mom and daughter, but no one answered. I saw the Life360 app on my screen and remembered there was a Help Alert button. I opened the app and activated the Help Alert button which called my daughter and notified her of my location and that I needed help. The app was able to let everyone know there was an accident and where we were. I feel that Life360 helped save our lives. That’s just how I feel. I will never not have Life360 on my phone.

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