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Our users at Life360 often share stories of how they’re using the app – whether it’s staying connected with their families or finding peace of mind with teenage drivers. We connected with our Life360 members Danielle and Kim who shared their stories about how Life360 helped give them peace of mind and their kids more independence.

Meet Danielle

Like any parent, Danielle was nervous about her son beginning to drive. She had been a Life360 member for a few months when she decided to upgrade her plan. Life360 Gold gave her the freedom to worry less knowing her son had 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Crash Detection, and Emergency Dispatch in case anything happened. Her son gained the freedom to explore and Danielle didn’t have to constantly check if he made it to his destination.

Life360 Member Danielle and family

“Letting your first kid drive is hard. My son doesn’t have Bluetooth in the car and I can’t call him to see where he is… Life360 gives me the peace of mind that I can see where he is without bothering or distracting him.”

Danielle originally chose Life360 because she needed an app that kept everyone connected and could run on both iOS and Android devices. One of her family’s most loved features are Places – which give real time notifications when you come and go from designated spots. Which is very handy when her son is driving himself back and forth from baseball practice and games. Danielle currently has eight locations set up for her son and two for her daughter.

Danielle is one of millions of happy Life360 members who enjoy our smart location sharing features to feel closer to their family. In summary, Danielle exclaimed,

“I am so grateful that Life360 lets me stay connected with my kids, feel on top of my family, and gives me the confidence to give them the freedom to do more.”

Meet Kim

Kim B. is a lifestyle blogger and mother of two and she had been looking for a way to encourage her son’s adventurous spirit and ensure his safety at summer camp. With Life360, he could trek to secret swimming holes with his friends and she could make sure he was accounted for while remaining hands-off.

“Being able to know where your kid is, is one less thing for a parent to worry about,” said Kim. “It’s priceless.”

Kim’s son has also embraced the independence found with Life360. Turning 16, he wanted to travel from New Jersey to Manhattan by himself for the first time. Sensing his mom’s apprehension, he reminded her she can use Life360 to check his location in real time. Kim agreed and now worries less when her son goes someplace new.

Kim also plans to upgrade to Gold once her son gets his license to help keep her at ease:

“I’m going to be a nervous wreck when my son starts driving! [Driving protection features] add that extra layer of protection for those unpredictable moments on the road.”

Kim’s family also enjoys Life360’s ability to navigate directly to each circle member. After attending a Beyoncé concert together, they had to walk far away from the parking lot to escape gridlock traffic. Her husband who was picking them up was able to see their location, hit “get directions,” and head straight to them.

We love the ways Danielle and Kim are using Life360 to help their family experience more and worry less. Thank you for letting us share your story. Have your own Life360 story to share? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at

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