Q&A with Life360 Member Sheri B.

Tell us a little about you.

My name is Sheri and I live in Bakersfield, California with my husband and two daughters. My husband is a highschool teacher and I run a waste management business.

How did you hear about Life360 and why did you download it?

We gave my daughter her first smartphone about a year ago.  She was about to go on an overnight class trip and we wanted to be able to easily check-in on her to make sure she was safe and getting from place to place with the group. So we looked for a location sharing app on Google and that’s when we found Life360 and it had terrific reviews. The location accuracy worked so well that we started using it on our employee work phones so we can get real time updates on everyone’s location in the field – it’s been great for quick coordination and ETAs for both customers and management. We subscribe the employee devices to the Driver Protect plan, so they have access to roadside assistance if they need it.

How long have you been a user?

We started using Life360 as a family in May of 2018. We put it on our employee devices a little later that year, around October of 2018.  

Who is in your circle & what is your favorite feature?
Right now, my circle is myself, my husband and my eldest daughter. My favorite feature is definitely location sharing – the accuracy is superb! I also love that it tells you what battery percentage each phone has, so I can send a message to my daughter when she needs to charge her phone.

What does your daughter think of Life360?  

She likes it now because she enjoys seeing where mom is – she often will look at my location and ask for me to pick something up at Target, etc, before picking her up. When we first installed it, we chatted about the purpose of Life360 was only to provide her with extra protection and was NOT meant to invade her privacy. Kids go missing all the time and Life360’s location history feature gives us peace of mind if anything were to happen to her.

Describe your family life in 3 words

Busy, on-the-go, chaotic

How has Life360 helped you in an unexpected way?

On February 4th at 4:11am in the morning, the alarm went off at my office. When the employees came in early that morning, they saw that all the electronics were missing from where they were normally stored. The supervisor on the scene called the local Sheriff, pulled up Life360 on their personal phone, and gave him the last location the devices logged. The Sheriff was in front of the suspects door quickly after at 5:50am, and knocked on the door. There was no answer at the door and at this point the devices were already turned off. However, because action was taken so quickly, it was clear the devices were still at the suspects location. The Sheriff stayed outside the suspects home until his team obtained a search warrant. By 9am they had the search warrant in hand, searched the property and collected the devices! The thief had put all the stolen property in a bag in the floorboard. When we reviewed our returned property, the total cost in damages was over $10K, but we were so happy to at least get some items back undamaged. Life360 is a HUGE asset to help for small businesses – especially if you get robbed. It’s amazing to always know what’s going on and when. It’s a lifesaver.

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