Respecting Your Privacy Choices

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We appreciate that you trust Life360 with your data, and we want to share a bit more about how we protect your data and the ways in which we use it and don’t use it.

Keeping your data safe from bad actors

We know your data says a lot about you, so we put a lot of effort into making sure that unauthorized actors can’t get their hands on it. This includes strict policies for our internal use of your data as well as investments in security to reduce the risk of unauthorized or unlawful access of your personal information.

Straight talk on advertising

Working with advertisers allows Life360 to continue to provide our leading location-sharing experiences as a free service. Here’s how we make money from advertising: We display ads in our app and through communications such as emails and leverage Google’s AdMob product, selected for its commitment to transparency and user choice in advertising, to enable this. If you would prefer not to have advertising in your Life360 experience, we also offer premium tiers of ad-free membership. 

We additionally work with a partner, Arity – a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation, to promote targeted insurance and automotive advertising and offers. More on that below. 

Our relationship with data partners

We have two data partnerships limited to the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. These partners – and Arity – enable us to invest in the building and maintenance of numerous features we do not directly charge you for. In some cases, we also use services provided by these partners to provide essential (and in many cases life-saving) services to our members, including crash detection and place alerts is a location analytics company that studies visit trends, trade areas, and demographics. Their mission is to empower private and public organizations to make better decisions by helping them understand what’s really happening in the physical world. We work with to take Life360’s data points and run them through a process that groups, or “aggregates” data, stripping it of all personal identifiers and always using data from at least 50 people so that it cannot be traced back to an individual. Placer uses this aggregated data to build models and sells these models to customers like city planners, developers, and retail businesses to help them make decisions (such as where to add a stop sign or open a new location). 

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company whose mission is to make transportation smarter, safer and more useful for everyone. Arity is a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation. We use Arity technology to provide functions in the Life360 app, like drive detection and crash detection, and we allow Arity to use location data from our app to derive traffic and transportation insights. Importantly, these insights never include personally identifiable information. Arity sells these aggregated and anonymized insights to organizations like state Departments of Transportation and insurance companies that want to better understand transportation-related trends such as dangerous intersections or road segments.

We also partner with Arity to offer targeted advertising to members who allow us to share data.

Finally, we work with Arity to offer a program that offers personalized insurance quotes that can deliver significant savings for safe drivers. To participate in this program, which allows insurance companies to evaluate a summary of your driving characteristics, you must explicitly authorize access to your data for this purpose. You must provide your authorization each time you want a third party to access your information. More information on this program is available here.

Recent updates to our privacy policy

Life360 members on both Android and iOS devices can opt-out of targeted advertising offered by our partners in the Privacy Center of the Life360 app.

In early 2024, we updated our privacy policy and changed in-app controls specifically for Apple devices. This introduced a single opt-out choice on iOS to manage the tracking and sale of personal information at the device level. Choosing “ask app not to track” on the installation of the app or in your iOS privacy and security settings now automatically opts you out of targeted advertising.

As always, you can find our complete Privacy Policy here.

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