Setting Up for Success: 5 Tips for Getting Your Family on Life360

Keeping our families safe is a top priority for many parents. While it’s usually meant as a sign of love, even the best attempts at protecting our children are sometimes met with resistance. Many kids and teenagers often see items like location-sharing apps or family trackers as an invasion of their privacy. 

However, solutions like Life360 offer several beneficial features that many older kids find attractive. For example, teenagers who frequently get rides from their parents can log into the app and see how close their mom or dad is to picking them up. 

Still, it can be a struggle when you first bring up the decision to introduce a family tracking app to your kids and partner. To ensure you have a successful and productive conversation with your family, we’ve outlined several tips that will help you demonstrate the value of using Life360.

Is Life360 Right for My Family?

There are several options available when it comes to family tracking services. However, Life360 is known for delivering a dependable location-sharing solution with additional benefits. 

For example, on top of being able to monitor your family, the Life360 app also utilizes Place alerts to let you know when someone in your Circle has entered a specific location, such as school, work, or the family house. 

5 Tips for Setting Your Family Up With Success on Life360

Having a plan is important when you begin the process of introducing your family to Life360. The following five tips will help ensure your kids and partner see the conversation as a positive experience. 

1. Have an Open Conversation with Your Family About the Use of Life360

There’s no hiding the fact that utilizing an app like Life360 will allow the entire family to see each other’s whereabouts. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t trust your children. Instead, discussing how and why a location-sharing app could be beneficial is important.

For example, if one of your children is driving to a friend’s house and forgets to text you, you can simply log into the app and view their location without having to send them a “Where are you” text.

It’s also essential to reassure everyone that you won’t use the app to monitor them 24/7. Building trust with the family using the app will ensure everyone has a positive experience with Life360.

2. Discuss the Positives of Location Sharing with Your Kids

Location sharing doesn’t only benefit parents — it’s also a positive experience for kids. For instance, if a parent is running late to pick up their child from school and isn’t answering their phone, then the kid can log into the app and check their parent’s location. 

3. Establish Expectations Before Installing Life360

Laying the framework for the rules and expectations of using Life360 is essential for success. There should be clear instructions on whether or not location-sharing should remain on and what steps everyone should take if it’s turned off at any point. As a parent, you should also agree to the same guidelines to help establish trust with your child when using the app. 

4. Review the Important Safety Features

For most members, safety is the number one reason for introducing a family tracking app. It’s important to have an open conversation with your family and reassure them that you want a location-sharing app to keep everyone safe, not to spy on them. 

Life360 also offers several additional safety features that may appeal to your teenagers or spouse, including:

5. Allow Everyone an Opportunity to Voice their Thoughts

Inevitably, there will be some pushback from the kids when they learn about the location-sharing feature. However, listening to their concerns and discussing ways to lessen their hesitancy is essential. Ultimately, discussing the ways Life360 can enhance safety for the family should help them understand why you’re introducing the app.

If you still have issues getting buy-in from everyone in the family, try letting them help establish the rules. Allowing them to have a say in how the family will use the app can make them feel more involved. 

Keep Your Family Safe with Life360

We can’t always be with our children every hour of the day, but with a solution like Life360, it’s possible to improve their safety when they’re not around. Features like roadside assistance and crash detection provide additional peace of mind for kids starting to drive. 

Download the Life360 app today and see how it can keep you and your family safe.

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