Simplifying life on the road with Life360

kristi screenshotI am a full-time traveler, meaning I live out of my car the majority of the year as I run half marathons and interview breweries around the US. I have been on the road for a year now and absolutely love it. I find that I use apps a little differently than most as I am always on the hunt as to how can I use their safety features.

Even though I am 40, my dad still worries about me traveling the US solo. As one of a handful of female solo travelers in the US, I have found that I use Life360 daily to keep me safe. Whether I am traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway in California, sipping mojitos in Miami, or relaxing on the beach in Mexico, my dad can check my GPS location easily from his laptop or his smartphone.

And he does.

All the time.

He loves to send me screenshots of where I am in the world. He will often ask me to check-in if he can’t see me. We have a policy that if I don’t check-in within a couple hours when he requests me to do so, he is to notify the authorities. He knows that if I am in trouble that I will hit the big red exclamation point that gets a Live Advisor on the phone in 10 seconds. I also wear a GPS watch and have Life360 active on all of my devices. Heaven forbid something were to happen to me while I am on one of my road trips, these devices can help the authorities find me anywhere in the world. That gives both me and my dad peace of mind.

Living on the road by yourself is tough, and using Life360 in this manner helps to alleviate a little bit of that stress. I have a few funny stories from the SXSW conference this year, but saving most of those for my next post. But I did find a rather creative way to use Life360 and is as a phone locator. I forget things everywhere. Seriously, it is a problem. My second night in Austin for one of the biggest conferences of the year, I left my phone in the back of a cab. Ugh. I went onto my laptop and watched my phone take a ride throughout the streets of Austin. I called the cab company and let them know where the phone was, but sadly, they wouldn’t return it. It was fun though to see all the places my phone traveled!

I am so happy to be a Blog Ambassador for Life360. I love the app, but I love the community even more. The company is stellar and this little San Francisco startup has helped me to travel solo around the US just a little bit more safely. Thank you, Life360.

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