Life360 Levels Up Memberships with the Inclusion of Tile™

The leading family safety and location app now includes Tile Bluetooth trackers in premium memberships to connect and protect everyone and everything that matters most

SAN FRANCISCOApril 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Life360, a leading membership for family safety and location services, today announced that Tile™ Bluetooth trackers will be included with select Life360 membership plans. New Gold and Platinum Life360 members will be gifted a Tile Mate or Tile Starter Pack, respectively, allowing families to find valuable items and see that everyone and everything important is where it should be.

This offering is the next step in Tile’s integration with the Life360 experience, following the November 2022 feature announcement that allowed Life360 members to see, share, and track Tiled items with other members in their Life360 Circle. Life360’s 50M+ members have also been given the ability to join Tile’s finding network contributing to creating the largest cross-platform finding network for iOS and Android users.

Now, Life360 is building on the existing Platinum and Gold Life360 plans by offering new members Tile Bluetooth trackers. These premium plans include driving and digital features like roadside assistance, free towing, emergency dispatch, stolen funds and stolen phone reimbursement—and now Tile products to make staying organized and coordinated easier. New Gold members will be gifted a Tile Mate, while Platinum members will receive a Tile Starter Pack, adding tangible value to the membership 1 in 9 U.S. families depend on.

“Including Tile with Life360’s membership is the latest way we are helping families keep track of all the little things in life so they can focus on what matters,” said Chris Hulls, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life360. “These little things, like getting to lacrosse with all the right gear or knowing that your new teen driver arrived safely, make a huge difference in day-to-day peace of mind. Offering Bluetooth trackers to our members, and having those trackers show up in their Life360 map, means that they can experience the only vertically integrated solution for locating people, pets, and things in one platform.”

The Tile Starter Pack includes a Tile Slim (ideal for wallets, luggage tags, and other items with narrow spaces) and Tile Mate (Tile’s most versatile tracker that can be latched onto keys, backpacks, and other everyday essentials). Both tracker models offer up to a 250-foot Bluetooth range and come with a 3-year non-replaceable battery.

Life360 and Tile together harness the power of location to offer an all-encompassing safety net that lets members coordinate daily activities in real-time, keep track of kids, connect with friends, find important items, give teens safe independence, care for senior family members, assist in emergencies, and so much more. Life360’s ecosystem of products create a circle of protection for families at every life stage.

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About Life360 and Tile

As the world’s leading membership for safety and location services, Life360 offers busy families peace of mind and freedom by connecting and protecting everyone and everything that matters most. Combined with Tile, a Life360 company and pioneer in finding technology, members can locate missing items and see that everything is where it should be at a glance. Life360 makes it possible for families to coordinate daily activities in real-time, keep track of kids, connect with friends, find pets and important items, give teens safe independence, assist in emergencies, and so much more. Visit or for more information on how Life360 brings families together and Tile ensures that missing items aren’t lost.

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