Life360 Surpasses 50 Million Monthly Active Users

The world’s leading membership for safety and location is now used by 1 in 9 U.S. families and is among the top 50 most downloaded apps daily on iOS and Android

SAN FRANCISCOMarch 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Life360, the leading family and safety location app, today announced that the company has surpassed 50 million monthly active users (MAU) globally. Life360 now offers peace of mind to 1 in 9 U.S. families who depend on the service to coordinate daily activities in real time, find important items, stay connected with those who matter most, and assist in emergencies.

Since Life360’s launch in 2008, it has become an essential solution for modern life around the world, with families in 195 countries relying on the platform’s range of features, benefits, and services. Life360 has spent 15 years building a membership that connects and protects everyone and everything that matters most. Reaching 50 million MAUs marks an important milestone in Life360’s history, among the top 50 most downloaded apps daily on both iOS and Android.

“We support key life moments at every step—a child’s first solo walk to school, a teen’s first drive, or the first day of college. Life360 is designed to be an integral part of the human experience,” said Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life360 Chris Hulls. “With our community now 50 million strong, we are shown every day how the location sharing and finding technology offered by Life360 make a real difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s being used to find keys or a wallet in a pinch, give your teens the independence they crave, walk safely through a parking garage, or get help after a car crash, our members trust Life360 to deliver peace of mind when they need it most.”

Life360 added crash detection and roadside assistance to its offering in 2016, giving members the option to explore the world knowing that loved ones can be quickly located in the event of an emergency. In 2022 alone, Life360 called emergency dispatchers over 34,000 times and received close to 2.2 million in-app SOS alerts from members.

The 223 billion miles driven with Life360 Crash Detection has been able to save members’ lives across the world. For example, member Necol Winpigler lives in a remote area with unreliable cell service and was using Life360 with her family when her daughter was in a serious car accident in October 2022. The family was not able to hear Necol’s daughter when she called them for help from the accident. Life360 was able to detect the crash, send police and paramedics to the exact location immediately, and notify the family quickly.

We got Life360 when our 16-year-old got her driver’s license to give us peace of mind in case  there was ever an incident, and we needed to locate her quickly,” said Necol Winpigler. “When my daughter had her accident, Life360 was able to get help there before anyone else possibly could have—including bystanders who were onsite. Those precious moments make all the difference in situations like these when my daughters’ health and safety are in jeopardy.”

Continuing to connect and protect the people and things that matter most, the Life360 app also allows members to see Tile™ Bluetooth trackers within their maps. Alongside Life360’s location, driving, digital and emergency features, Tile has added another layer of daily coordination and organization for keeping track of pets, checking if the kids made it to soccer, making sure the groceries got picked up and finding the remote in the depths of the couch—all from one app.

“We know that families want to focus on what matters and not get caught up in the chaos of life each day,” said Hulls. “Coordination and location have become part of the fabric of our culture, and our features are giving more than 50 million people the opportunity to do just that.”

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About Life360 and Tile

As the world’s leading membership for safety and location services, Life360 offers busy families peace of mind and freedom by connecting and protecting everyone and everything that matters most. Combined with Tile, a Life360 company and pioneer in finding technology, members can locate missing items and see that everything is where it should be at a glance. Life360 makes it possible for families to coordinate daily activities in real-time, keep track of kids, connect with friends, find pets and important items, give teens safe independence, assist in emergencies, and so much more. Visit or for more information on how Life360 brings families together and Tile ensures that missing items aren’t lost.

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