Become a Life360 Beta Tester

Do you like getting first access to brand new features? Are you excited to help Life360 build the best app we can?

Join our Life360 Beta Program!

As a beta tester, you receive an early version of Life360 not yet available in the App Store or in Google Play. That means you get to see and play with experimental features. Just by using it like you normally do, you help us directly with issues and bugs so that we can fix them and send out updates ASAP.

As a beta tester, either you can be the only one in your Circle on beta or invite other Circle members to join the beta program, too.

We use feedback from the way beta testers use the app to improve performance. You don’t even need to send us information about a problem, our technology will detect it. If you do see a bug you want to report, just shake your phone and a window will pop up with your device and version information to send to us in order to help diagnose the problem.

To join the beta program as an iPhone user:

To join the beta program as an Android user, while on your phone, click here to view Life360 on the Google Play store.

  • Scroll down until you see the option to be a beta tester
  • The beta app is updated like any other Google Play Store app
  • We recommend enabling auto-update, click here for instructions

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