Piper Teams Up With Life360 To Bring You ‘Smart Arming’

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Piper users are always looking for smart and efficient ways to protect their families and we at Piper are constantly researching and implementing improvements to make the Piper home security system better. Over the past few months we have introduced a slew of new products — including water sensors and connected light bulbs available through… Read more »

When It’s More than Just a Bad Mood

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May is Mental Health month, so we invited Yolanda M. Gordon from Lesser Known Feats of Awesomeness to post about her daughter’s story. This is an important topic that we all need to pay attention to in our children and loved ones. She was thirteen when she began to spiral and I did not recognize… Read more »

Why I gave my son a cell phone at 10 years old

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We are excited to have guest poster Lucinda Watrous, sharing why she and her husband decided that ten was the right age to give their son his first cell phone. As we shared on our Age of Independence survey, only 13% of surveyed parents thought that 7-10 was the right age for a first phone… Read more »

Spring cleaning tips for your digital devices

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Lots of people take advantage of this time of year to declutter the house, air everything out after the long winter, and get everything clean and fresh for spring. Well, the same applies to your devices, and this is a great time to do just that. We’ve got a few suggestions of things that you… Read more »

Life360 families and the age of independence

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Times have changed a lot since today’s parents were children, there’s no doubting that. There was an article floating around a while back, with a “First Grade Readiness Checklist” that had been published in 1979. Several of the items were pretty simple and to be expected of today’s first graders, like the ability to tell… Read more »

iOS follow-up for our users

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Dear Users, We wanted to update those of you who experienced the bug this weekend which sent a message asking you to sign up for our Premium offering. As part of the fix for that issue, we disabled our Premium sign ups temporarily. We have a fix, but in order to turn Premium back on,… Read more »

A message to iOS users

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​On the evening of Friday, March 27,  after upgrading to the latest version of our iOS app (version 9.1), you may have noticed that you’re getting an App Store dialog to purchase our Premium offering. This was completely unintentional, and due to a bug in our most recent release. Unfortunately for our iOS users, the… Read more »