Halloween Safety Tips for Teens Using Life360

With Halloween approaching, it can be a stressful time for parents to think about their teen or tween being out and about. And even though the trick-or-treating years might be long gone, there’s still a good chance that your child is going to be out hanging with their friends or finding some other fun activities to do during the night.

The good news is that parents can find a bit of comfort and relief knowing that Life360 has their backs. Not only is this app a great way that parents can worry a bit less but it also gives teens the ability to have a safe and fun Halloween that is certain to be full of treats (and no tricks!). Register online ahead of the holiday today.

How to Use Life360 to Keep Your Teen Safe This Halloween

With all the excitement of Halloween, these simple safety tips can be a lifesaver! Instead of giving in to the chaos, try these ideas instead. 

Set Up a Life360 Place as a Halloween Safety Zone

Wondering if your tweens and teens are old enough to spend hours without you on Halloween night? All you need to do is set up a Place in the Life360 app in the neighborhood they want to hangout in. This allows you to set a geo-fence around the area your child should stay within and if they leave, you get a notification. 

This not only gives them a bit of freedom without having to check in every 10 minutes but it also helps you relax knowing that they’re where they are supposed to be as well. 

Remind your teens to charge their cell phones

There’s nothing worse than a low battery on a phone but when that phone belongs to your teen, that could mean losing all communication with them while they’re away from home. Life360 also allows you to see who needs to charge their phone and how much battery truly remains. 

That way you’re not taking a chance on not hearing from your teen just because of a low battery situation. 

Teen Driving Safety and Protection on Halloween

There are a ton of cars and drivers out on Halloween night so it’s imperative to provide some safeguards when your teen is on the road. With Life360’s Driver Protect Plan, if your teen breaks down, they’re in for a true “treat” with roadside assistance just one tap away. If a serious accident were to occur, it gives me peace of mind that there is also Crash Detection that would notify me and emergency response.

Additional Halloween Safety Tips for Teens

And while all of those great features from Life360 are imperative for helping to provide a safe Halloween for your teens and tweens, here are a few more from one parent to another that should be on your radar as well.

Talk to your teen about the importance of being aware

So many times, safety comes down to just being aware of the surroundings. Tell your teen to be aware of where they are at all times so that they can react quickly if need be. 

Make sure they don’t go anywhere alone on Halloween night

Truthfully, this is true for any time of the year, but during the Halloween evening, it’s just as important. There are literally hundreds of “strangers” dressed in costumes roaming the streets that the thought of trying to keep an eye on your child can be overwhelming.

The next best thing is to educate your teen on the importance of never being alone on Halloween night. If they need to leave a party, drive across town, run to the store, or even walk home from a friend’s house then make certain that they know to do so with someone else or to give you a call to come and get them.

Take the time to educate, plan, prepare and get on the same page to make this one of the best Halloween nights ever!

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