Illustrated leaves and sparkles around the text 'Gather and travel safe with Life360

Life360 + Tile has your back as you gather this holiday season. Follow a day in the life of Brittany and see why having Life360 Gold membership saves the Holidays.

Text: Airport wake up call. Chaos vs Calm

Chaos – 5:45 am

A tired Brittany locked her keys in her car and missed her scheduled flight.

Calm – 5:45 am

Brittany uses Roadside Assistance and gets on the road quickly.

Graphic of Roadside Assistance notification with a tow truck.

Chaos – 11:00 am

After a two hour delay — Brittany’s anxiety sets in checking her luggage without a Tile. 

Calm – 7:00 am

Brittany adds a Tile to her luggage and links it to the Life360 app.

Iphone image of Life360 map and the score, Brittany: 1, Airport: 0

Chaos – 4:00 pm

Brittany lands and braves her way through the holiday crowd as her family anxiously awaits her text.

Calm – 7:15 am

Before take off, Brittany creates a Place Alert for her destination so her family can see her arrive safely.

Graphic of Unlimited Place Alerts Notifications

Chaos – 4:10 pm

Brittany doesn’t know where anyone is and struggles as she searches for her luggage.

Calm – 11:45 am

Brittany arrives at her destination on time
(and checks on her Holiday Travel Circle’s locations in the Life360 app).

Graphic of Life360 map and girl traveling with Life360.

Chaos – 7:00 pm

Brittany subscribes to Life360 Gold membership and goes to bed early.

Calm – 1:00 pm

Brittany makes it to the holiday feast and enjoys her time with family!

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