Life360 2023 Stats with "track star" cards all around.

It’s been a great season! We’ve sprinted through victories and hurdles with determination and focus, passing the baton to one another with ease. 

As we cross the finish line and start to prepare for next year’s race, let’s reflect on the records we’ve shattered around the world and the personal bests we’ve all achieved this year.

Starbucks vs. Dunkin: "more members visited Starbucks than Dunkin

The competition is on.

Who doesn’t love a good rivalry? Check out where Life360 members have been showing their support 
this year:

  • More members visited Starbucks (2.50M visits) than Dunkin’ (1.09M visits).
  • Walmart pulled in the lead with 22.9M visits vs. Target with 3.49M visits.
  • Costco was the favorite with 1.46M visits — Sam’s Club came in second with 1.06M visits.
  • And in a super close race, more members visited Lowe’s (1.83M visits) than Home Depot (1.82M visits).

Fuel the fire.

Every athlete needs to get their energy from somewhere. Check out the top ten places where 
Life360 members have been eating this year:

  • McDonald’s (6.15M visits)
  • Chick-Fil-A (2.50M visits)
  • Starbucks (2.49M visits)
  • Subway (2.11 visits)
  • Taco Bell (1.68M visits)
  • Dairy Queen (1.27M visits)
  • Burger King (1.18M visits)
  • Pizza Hut (1.02M visits)
  • Dunkin’ (1.01M visits)
  • Sonic Drive-In (0.93M visits)
Top 3 Fast Food Places: McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, and Starbucks
Three pictures layered of people at the gym, at home, and at school

Name of the game

Our members love to share their comings, goings, and pit stops along the way. Check out the top ten Place Alert names used this year:

  1. Home
  2. School
  3. Work
  4. Walmart
  5. Hell
  1. Hogar
  2. Gym
  3. Casa
  4. Grocery store
  5. Church

Your race, your pace.

Our members are officially in their racing-through-every-day era. Check out all the fun they’ve have had this year:

  • Florida was the most traveled to state.
  • Minnesota has the BEST drivers – Washington, D.C. has the worst.
  • There were 211M “❤️ Love ya!” messages and 202M “🔌 Charge your phone!” messages sent in 2023.
  • 19K members were at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert in Kansas City, MO where her “love story” with Travis Kelce kicked off.

Best Drivers - Minnesota had the best drivers, D.C. had the worst.
Two people with a broken down jeep. "1,056 emergency teams were dispatched"

Hurdle heroes

Way to stay safe on and off the track, no matter what life sends your way. Check out these safety stats:

  • 1,376,753 SOS Help Alerts were sent this year.
  • 298,071 crashes detected in 2023.
  • 68,200 people used Roadside Assistance.
  • 1,056 emergency teams were dispatched.

Online obstacles.

When it comes to the Internet, we’re here to keep you on the right track. Check out these online stats:

  • 26.7M Internet Data Breach Alerts were detected for our users in 2023.
  • 182,816 calls to our Live agents who are always ready to assist.
Life360 data breach alerts "26.7M Internet Data Breach Alerts were detected for our users in 2023".
Three layered images of Tile trackers in user: "132.5k bags found with Tile and Life360 this year"

Tile time.

Stay in the game by keeping track of all your gear. Check out these Tile stats:

  • 3,917,449 Tiles added in 2023.
  • 132.5K bags found with Tile and Life360 this year.

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