Protecting Your Life360 Account: An Update

At Life360, the security of our products and services continues to be a top priority. We recently identified suspicious activity, similar to what we saw in August, in which an unauthorized person used credentials (email address and password) obtained from outside sources to attempt to access a limited number of Life360 accounts. As with the previous occurrence, we have no evidence of unauthorized access to Life360 user location information, payment card information, or physical addresses. To safeguard against further suspicious activity, we promptly took the precaution of resetting the passwords for at risk accounts.

Additionally, Life360 recently introduced the ability to further safeguard your account by using one-time-passcodes delivered to your verified phone number when logging into your account. Most members in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are already eligible to enroll and can do so by opening the Life360 App, visiting Settings → Account → Phone Number and verifying the phone number associated with your account. Afterwards, you’ll log in by receiving a code delivered directly to your phone instead of using a password. In the coming year all Life360 members will be able to safeguard their accounts and log in using one-time-passcodes.

Once again, this is a good reminder that stolen credentials are out there and using the same passwords for multiple services poses a risk to your information. Enrolling in passwordless login with Life360 will help keep your account safe from this type of abuse. We also suggest that you make sure your passwords are secure by taking the following steps for any online accounts that still rely on passwords:

  • Change the password on any online service for which you have used the same or similar credentials at Life360 or elsewhere
  • Don’t use the same username and/or password across different online services 
  • Use strong passwords that include a mix of letters, numbers and special characters for each of your online service accounts
  • Change your passwords frequently (you can find more information about passwords in Life360 here)

Security is an important part of our commitment to keep families safe online and in the real world. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and taking steps to protect your data. 


Chris Hulls, CEO

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