Sleigh that to-do list: Our Safe Holiday Shopping Guide

The holiday countdown is on! And oh what a wonderful time of year it is. Overnight, your schedule speeds up and you’re busy stocking up on groceries, decorations, and that ever-growing gift list.

While you focus on decking those halls, we’re here to keep each family member safe around town, on the road, and while shopping online with Data Breach Alerts, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and way more.

Hit those stores early:
Get in, get out, and get what you need.

  1. Don’t delay, shop today.
    The supply chain is making holiday shopping a little more tricky this year. To avoid delays, start shopping as early as possible (some are saying Black Friday is even too late!) and for gifts that are extra special, consider expedited shipping. Bonus, you’ll avoid busy winter roads and crowded parking lots as people make a dash for last minute gifts.

  2. Stay a step ahead.
    According to Experian, 24% of shoppers said they experienced fraud during the holiday season. An uptick in shopping, both in-person and online, means more risk since your credit card number and other personal information will be stored in more places. Stay a step ahead and enable Data Breach Alerts before you start filling your online cart. You’ll get a heads up on any potential threats to your info so you can act fast and keep the festivities going.

  3. Keep it a surprise.
    Use Bubbles to only share only your general location while you’re out checking off those wishlists. For example, you can a Bubble the size of the entire shopping mall or town center so your loved ones won’t be able to guess what they’re getting.

  4. Price match.
    Did you know that many big box retailers will price match items that you find for a lower price at another store? All you have to do is ask. This also rings true for online purchases or items you bought that went on sale a few days later. 

  5. Credit over debit.
    Whenever possible, pull out the plastic for your holiday purchases. The same laws that limit your liability for fraudulent credit card charges don’t always apply to debit card purchases. And since a debit card takes money directly from your bank account, unauthorized charges could leave you stocking feeling skimp.

Ten and two:
Drive safe on winter roads.

  1. Skip the snow.
    Did you know that nearly 25% of car accidents are caused by dicey weather conditions? If the weather kicks up, kick back in front of the fire and wait it out. You can make that eggnog run when the roads clear.

  2. Pump the brakes.
    It can take your car 10 times longer to stop in wintry conditions, so forget the cruise control and take it slow. Tap your brakes to avoid your wheels from locking on an icy patch and sliding. And if you do find yourself in a bind, Life360’s Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 to help get you going again.

  3. Be merry AND bright.
    When out shopping at night, wear bright clothing and walk in well-lit areas. Before crossing in front of a vehicle, pause and make eye contact with the driver so that you know they’ve seen you. 

  4. Keep your distance.
    About 66% of parking lot accidents happen at night. And since it gets dark much earlier this time of year, chances are good that you’ll be out shopping past sundown once or twice. Layer on added safety by backing into parking spots, parking a little farther away if areas closer to the store are in peak congestion, and keeping your eyes on the road — not your phone.

  5. Slow and steady.
    Snowy weather leads to sketchy driving conditions. In fact, icy roads cause over 150,000 car accidents each year. Go slow on wet roads and in crowded parking lots. Life360 Crash Detection is there to sense any collision over 25mph and help keep your family safe.

Joy and peace… of mind.

Give your family the best gift there is, this holiday season and beyond: personal safety, no matter what. Upgrade your membership for our most advanced features, including:

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  • ID Theft Protection
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  • Free towing
  • 24/7 Emergency Dispatch
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