Story: How Life360 Helped Rescue My Daughter


At Life360 we receive a lot of great stories from our users, from parents monitoring their new teen drivers to families staying connected while traveling across countries; the amount of different ways that people use our app has always been incredibly inspiring. Sometimes we receive more harrowing stories, ones that include locating drivers from accidents or loved ones getting lost in dangerous areas. This particular story is about a family rescuing their daughter from her abductor, which luckily, had a happy ending. The family has been gracious enough to let us share it with the Life360 community, in hopes that others will take strong precautions with their own family safety.

“To whom it may concern:

On behalf of my family, I’d like to express our deepest gratitude to your company and to all of the individuals who have worked to develop and maintain your Life360 app. Below, I’ve summarized our story of how your app saved the life of our precious sixteen year old daughter last month. We’ve heard from many who’ve obtained this app, once they heard of our harrowing experience. We realize that this post’s shares reached into the millions, many of which we earnestly hope will soon have become your customers. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate another Christmas with our family intact. Without your app, this would, most likely, never again have been a possibility.   Thanks to you, that chair that would otherwise have been empty at our Christmas table, is again filled with this beautiful, bubbly blessing whom we call Myleea.

– Roxanne”

Below is an abbreviated version of the story from Life360, to read the full story please visit the original post here. 

In late October of last year, 16-year-old Myleea was with her family spending their final hours together with her grandmother at a local hospital. Looking for some support, she decided to text a friend in the area that she had met at summer camp a few years back. They mostly kept in touch online, so she wasn’t very familiar with him in real life but was glad for the company. They stayed together in the lobby for a while until they decided to go for some coffee and fresh air. It wasn’t until they were in the car, driving further and further away from the hospital, that Myleea realized that this person whom she thought she could trust did not intend on bringing her back at all.

He thought he had disabled her phone—closing any contact with the outside world—but Myleea was smart enough to send her location to her parents using Life360 by briefly connecting to his phone’s hotspot. Gone for more than a few hours now, her worried and desperate parents got the authorities involved in their daughter’s disappearance. They followed the last known location of Myleea’s phone signal, which sent them to an extremely remote landfill, featuring nothing but acres and acres of desolate sand pits. They looked for hours late into the night with the police until they had to call the search off. Not to be deterred, the family went back to the location themselves after regrouping, searching deeper and deeper into the darkness. Finally, their flashlight reflected on a far-off, seemingly abandoned car. Upon closer inspection, they opened the door and found the man that had abducted Myleea!

They held the man at gunpoint while Myleea got out of the car, badly shaken but alive, and waited for the authorities to arrive. While they could hear sirens in the distance, all they could think about was how their daughter was returned and safe. Myleea and her family were able to spend that Christmas together as a family.

It’s stories like these that remind us that we’re not just building an app, we’re helping families and friends stay safe.

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