Life360 Driver Protect

Driving Peace of Mind for the Entire Family

Crash detection, weekly driver reports & extended roadside assistance

Crash Detection & Emergency Response

Keep your family protected on the road with our crash response system. We automatically detect when a car accident occurs and call the person involved. If they need immediate assistance, we dispatch emergency services to their exact location and stay on the line until help arrives. We notify emergency contacts and Circle members, so that even in the worst situation, everyone knows what is going on.

Weekly Driver Reports for the Family

Be a family of better, safer drivers. We let you know what occurred during each drive with instant, detailed reviews, showing the following information in the map at the time of occurrence:

  • Phone Usage
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Hard Braking
  • Top Speed

Extended Roadside Assistance

Give your family access to a 24/7 direct hotline of trained advisors that can provide minor accident support and send help your way if you’ve got a flat tire or need a tow.

Life360 Driver Protect also includes all the features of Life360 Plus:

Unlimited Place Notifications

Set up unlimited Place notifications for the whole family. Get notified when your family members come and go from home, work, school, and any other important locations.

Crime Reports

(US Only)

Stay informed about local crime, including details about the incident (e.g. theft, burglary, vandalism), location, and resolution. You’ll also be able to see if registered sex offenders live in your neighborhood.

Priority Same-Day Email Support

Questions about how the app works? Need help with your account? When you contact support, we’ll give you priority service, and respond within 24 hours.

30 Days of Location History

See where your family is coming and going. We store 30 days of history so you can look back in time.