Find My Phone with App

Find My Phone with App

A lost or stolen phone can be unsettling for most people. Luckily, Life360 has a phone lookup feature to find the precise location of the phone. If one of your family members is registered within your circle, you can use the map within their Family Locator App to find it. There will be an icon showing the location of your lost or stolen phone.

Find My Phone With Web

Find My Phone On the Web

The Life360 website can help you find your phone in the event it is lost or stolen. Once you have installed the app on your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry, just log in to the Life360 website. Here you’ll be able to see a map showing the exact location of your lost phone. The map can also quickly provide directions to your phone’s exact location.

Lost Phone Recovery

Instant Location Update for Lost Phone

Once you know that your phone is lost or stolen, finding the exact location is easy. Either use another family member’s phone or track the phone via our website. The maps on the website and the app instantly update the location of your phone. The map shows the real-time location of the stolen or lost phone and is instantly updated when the phone moves.

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