Life360 PLUS

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30 Day Location History, Unlimited Place Alerts & 24/7 Support

Unlimited Place Alerts

You’ve got a busy life. Too busy to be sending ‘where are you’ and ‘on the way’ texts! Set up as many places as you like, and know when your Circle members arrive and leave from the places they frequent most.

Some popular places to set up:
  • Grocery Store: Notify the circle when someone is at the store for last minute requests
  • Sports Practice: Know when your kids arrive safely and when they’re on their way home
  • School: Give yourself peace of mind that they made it before the bell rings
  • Gym: Dinner might be late. Let us tell your family you're running a bit behind
  • Vacation: Even when others are traveling, you can still feel together and know everyone is safe

30 Days of Location History

We unlock 30 days of History to see where your family has been and how they got there.

No matter what the day brings, you are always connected to your Circle through Life360 PLUS.

Crime Alerts

(US Only)

Keep your family safe by knowing about areas high in crime with easy-to-find hotspots on our map. Click each dot to view details of theft, burglary, vandalism, and registered sex offenders in your neighborhood

  • Out for an evening run? Avoid certain areas high in burglary and vandalism.
  • Does your child walk home from school? Make sure their route is safe by viewing details about crime incidents nearby.

24/7 Support

You’ve got enough to worry about, so we make it easy to understand our app and all its features. Email us and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

You’ve got your family’s back, and we’ve got yours.