5 Things You Didn’t Know about Life360

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If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve likely heard of Life360, and you’re familiar with what it is — at least at a high level. You probably know it helps families and close friends stay connected by creating a “Circle” of loved ones in the app. For some peace of mind, you can get real-time… Read more »

6 Ideas for End of the Year Teacher Gifts

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As the school year draws to a close we, as parents, are swamped with a million things to do and remember. Registration for the next year, end of the year parties, summer plans, end of spring sports activities, and beginning of summer sports activities. Oh and of course, purchasing a gift for your child’s teacher…. Read more »

Tennessee: Let’s Talk About Sex

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You may recall that recently here on the Life360 blog I reported the shocking news that research has shown that comprehensive sex education helps lower the teen pregnancy rate. As reported in that blog post it turns out states with comprehensive sex education have seen a major decrease in teenage pregnancy. “Mississippi, for instance, continues… Read more »

The Value of Volunteering

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For many of us with school-aged children, school fundraisers and volunteer opportunities are a lot more than just doing our part to help out the school. Some fundraisers that are put together for specific events can help children and their families cover the costs for otherwise unaffordable field trips, camps or other events. Yes, scholarships… Read more »

Zip Code Education

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At what length would you go to ensure your child gets the best possible education? If the school your address dictates your child must attend isn’t the best school in your area (or is a downright bad school, plenty of those exist in every town) shouldn’t you be able to send your child to a… Read more »

Star Wars Kids Alphabet

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Most of our readers her at Life360 Now! are parents (or really awesome uncles and aunts who love kids). You or someone you know a big Star Wars geek? What about their newest additions to the family? It seems we always want to share our personal interest with our children. Whether that be sports, music,… Read more »