Introducing: Driving by Life360

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Life360 introduces it’s most exciting, new feature: Driving   Driving is now available for Life360 Circle members. This new feature allows members to view detailed information about how their friends and family behave while driving. Each drive gives a detailed view including: Top Speed Know how fast your loved ones are driving Detailed Drive Routes… Read more »

Should the Government Raise the National Driving Age?

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Three Democratic senators are proposing a national graduated driver licensing (GDL) law, which would replace individual state laws for new drivers with a national standard. The biggest change from the legislation would be a raise from the minimum learner’s permit age to 16 (it’s 14 or 15 in many states). Not until 18 could young… Read more »

Do Kids Distract Drivers?

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When you’re behind the wheel, your full attention needs to be on the road, and staying aware of other drivers is critical to road safety. I’m pretty convinced that talking on a cell phone while driving is incredibly dangerous, since it takes away your focus from the road. But could kids be just as distracting… Read more »

Report: Motorcycle Deaths Dropped in 2009

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For the first time in 12 years, motorcycle deaths in the U.S. showed a steep decline — a nearly 10% drop nationally. A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association attributes the decline to fewer leisure motorcycle travelers due to the economy (kind of a strange silver-lining). The report also gave credit to poor weather… Read more »

What To Do if You Have a Recalled Toyota

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Another runaway Toyota Prius was reported yesterday. A 56-year-old driver was injured while driving her 2005 Prius in New York. The accident was blamed on the sticky accelerator pedal that has the Japanese automaker under fire. So what should Toyota owners do?

31% of Americans Believe Toyotas are Unsafe

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A Gallup poll revealed that now 31% of Americans believe that Toyota and Lexus cars are unsafe, in the wake of the recent recalls over faulty accelerators and brakes. Still, 74% of owners still say they have not lost confidence in their Toyotas and Lexuses. Having grown up in a family that drives Toyotas almost… Read more »

The Newest Driving Distraction: Digital Billboards

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There are a lot of distractions while driving, from both in and outside of the car. But here’s the newest one: digital billboards. As the Times aptly describes, “These high-tech billboards marry the glow of Times Square with the immediacy of the Internet.” And that’s internet with a capital I (why do people still do… Read more »

High-Tech Cars and Low-Tech Drivers, a Dangerous Combination

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The past couple weeks, Toyota has been getting roasted over failing brakes in their vehicles. But in a Journal op-ed by Joseph White, he says that there might be other dangers of drivers. Are all the technological advancements being made by the automotive industry safe? Take this example, dealing with keyless ignition: