Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparation

Preparing for emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes should be an essential part of every family’s regimen. In event of an emergency, communicating with your family and locating family members can be critical. Our Family Locator App map shows where all your family members are and our FamilyChannel™ feature allows everyone to communicate at once. If there is an emergency, use the Panic Alert to send a voicemail, email and notification to everyone in your family at once.

Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparation

Preparation for an earthquake involves putting together an earthquake kit with the essentials. Families also need communication channels and designated “Safe Places”, places where, in the event of an emergency, everyone can meets. Our Family Locator App can tell you how to get to your Safe place and when everyone has arrived. It also provides the ability to communicate with all of your family. In the event that someone has not arrived yet, you can also quickly locate them, get directions to their location, or guide them to a local police station or hospital.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane preparation is similar to most disaster preparedness plans. It’s essential to know where to go in the event of a hurricane. With our Family Locator App, family members can choose a member’s a meeting point location such as someone’s house. The app allows you to track everyone’s location and progress, chat, or even utilize Life360’s 24/7 Live Advisor for help.

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