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Does Life360 Have Live Tracking?

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One of the perks of using a location-sharing app is the ability to see friends and family in real-time. Live location sharing is a wonderful way for parents to keep an eye on their children without being too intrusive. Real-time tracking is also beneficial for kids who want to see how far their parents are from picking them up at school or practice. 

Like many other platforms, Life360 has live tracking capabilities that allow family members to remain connected and see each other’s locations in real-time. 

Registering for the Life360 app will allow you to connect with your loved ones and share your location through live tracking. 

What Is Live Location Tracking?

Live location tracking is a way to monitor a person’s or object’s movements. While location tracking is often associated with people or maps, it’s possible to attach Bluetooth tracking devices that provide location information, too – unfortunately, these updates are only live within the Bluetooth device range.

To help provide real-time data, Life360 location tracking utilizes GPS to establish the exact location of your mobile device. As your device begins to move, the GPS connection will relay the changes in location through the Life360 app. Life360 does not track users without permission given on their device.

Does Life360 Offer Live, Real-Time Location Tracking?

Yes, Life360 does provide real-time location tracking through its mobile app. Along with the ability to provide up-to-date positioning information of a family member, Life360’s tracking features also provide the following benefits:

How to Improve Life360 Location Accuracy 

Even though the Life360 app is a reliable way to track and monitor your loved one’s location, a few factors can still impact location accuracy. For example, unstable Wi-Fi or cellular connections can delay the information relay speed. 

Below are a few additional tips for improving your location accuracy:

  • Do not use a VPN with Life360, as it will interfere with accuracy. 
  • Log into your Life360 app on one device at a time
  • Keep Wi-Fi turned ON to improve location accuracy.
  • Do not use mobile hotspots or vehicles with built-in Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Turn all location services ON, including GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • Allow Life360 to use cellular data. 
  • Turn ‘Data saver’ OFF. 
  • ‘Physical Activity’ permissions need to be ON and ‘Allowed’.
  • ‘Precise Location’ needs to be turned ON.
  • Open the app to refresh after the phone battery has died. 
  • Do not use parental control or security apps.
  • Open Life360 every two days to prevent it from going into ‘sleep mode’.

Get Real-Time Location Tracking Updates with Life360

Location-tracking apps need to have the ability to provide real-time updates to provide maximum value for customers. Knowing your kids were at the mall 20 minutes ago is not beneficial.

Life360 ensures members have the latest and up-to-date location tracking information available. With real-time tracking, you can monitor your children as they walk home from school or ensure your teen has arrived safely back on campus. 

Try Life360 today and uncover the power and peace of mind real-time tracking can provide.