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At exactly 5:48pm on Wednesday April 4, 2018 our two oldest boys, 16 and 13, were in a terrible car accident. At highway speed they were contacted by another car, flew off the highway, went down an embankment, hit a tree and flipped over. My wife was at home and I was at my office. The Life360 app called emergency services on their behalf and alerted both my wife and I. I opened the Life360 app, tapped their location and selected the ‘give me directions’ button. It took me directly to them. I’m so grateful for Life360 and that they both walked away without a scratch.

- Ryan D.

My daughter spends lunches and usually studies after-school where the “van attack” in Toronto happened. As soon as I heard about it, I checked her location on Life360 and saw that she was at school and not on the street where the attack happened. What could have been hours of anxiety and fear was instead just a few seconds of checking the app!

- Jack F.
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We live in a rural area and a few years ago, our daughter got lost coming home from a soccer game. Her phone’s navigation didn’t detect a bridge being out due to a storm, and she didn’t have a strong enough cell connection to re-calculate her way home. It was late and dark, but with the help of Life360’s impressive location sharing feature, I drove right to her and led her home. We were both incredibly thankful for the great location service Life360 provides for our family!

- Curt H.

Life360’s ability to provide safety isn’t just for mom and dad – it’s something for the kids too! I’m an incomplete paraplegic with asthma and glucose problems. I’ve been known to pass out on the trail while hiking, so my son uses Life360 to feel reassured that I’m OK and that he can find me if anything were to happen. Life360 gives me the freedom (and safety!) to continue enjoying the outdoors!

- Tanya V.
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I use it everyday so I can know my daughter is safe. We have very busy and different schedules so it’s a great feeling to know where she is with a tap of a button! She is very involved in soccer and has lots of away games so I don’t hear from her until she is back at school and needs a ride home. By using Life360, I know where she is and am alerted by a push notification when she will arrive back at school.

- Mike H.

We are taking the WHOLE family to Disney World and are using Life360 to keep everyone coordinated and connected. Keeping track of that many kids in such a busy place is hard, but the app keeps everyone connected and always provides peace of mind!

- Shenna C.
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My little brother dropped his phone while scootering around our neighborhood and didn’t realize it until much later that night. We used the Life360 app to locate his phone, and retrieve it from a local resident who had picked it up. The look on their face when we knocked on their door was priceless! Life360 saved us from buying a new phone!

- Tavon G.

As a single mother, life can be busy, and both my son and I aren’t available 24/7 to check-in. But, even when we can’t get a hold of each other, Life360 let’s us stay connected and I can know that my son is safe.

- Kristina F.
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