Introducing: Driving by Life360

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Life360 introduces it’s most exciting, new feature: Driving   Driving is now available for Life360 Circle members. This new feature allows members to view detailed information about how their friends and family behave while driving. Each drive gives a detailed view including: Top Speed Know how fast your loved ones are driving Detailed Drive Routes… Read more »

Life360 Launches Driver Protect

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Today we are very excited to launch Life360 Driver Protect – a new subscription service that provides peace of mind to families on the road. The service uses your smartphone to automatically detect if you are in a serious accident and immediately contacts emergency responders and your family members. The service also delivers Safe Drive… Read more »

The safe way to go Pokémon GO hunting

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Pokémon GO is a gaming phenomenon, and it has opened up huge possibilities for AR (augmented reality) type games. For those who may not have heard yet, Pokémon GO is revolutionizing gaming by drawing millions of new players into the great outdoors. The premise of the game is to physically find and collect all the… Read more »

Real Life360

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Our hearts with 9 injured in Mon derailment in Sunol, CA. Relieved that passengers were able to use location to alert 1st responders. The Life360 family wishes all involved in the accident a speedy recovery.     After the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, the idea for Life360 was born from the realization that technology could have assisted… Read more »

Wide Variety of Recalls in August

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The CPSC announced 35 recalls in August, including 2 expanded recalls. This is almost double the number of recalls that were issued in August of last year (18). Of the 35 recalls issued this August, 10 (29%) were for products in the Home & Garden category while nine (26%) were for children’s products. The remaining recalls spanned all categories,… Read more »

More Than a Million Children’s Products Recalled in July, Many of them Baby Gear

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The CPSC announced 21 recalls in July, including an expansion of a previously recalled product. Of the 21 recalls issued, ten (48%) were for children’s products. The other recalls this month were scattered across various categories, including 6 (29%) from the Home & Garden category. There were four children’s recalls involving over 100,000 units in July. Two were for… Read more »

10 Things to Teach Your Kids about Strangers

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For most of us, the rules of personal safety during childhood were pretty straight-forward. Come to think of it, there was only one rule: Don’t talk to strangers. Over the years, we have learned that the “stranger danger” rule may have been a tad too simplistic. Classifying everyone a child does not know as a stranger creates confusion… Read more »