Children’s Product Recalls Higher in May

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The CPSC announced 29 recalls in May, four more than this time last year (25).  Of the recalls issued, 13 or 45%, were children’s products.  This is only slightly higher than the overall average for children’s products, which is 43%. Most of the remaining recalls were for products in the Home & Garden (8) and… Read more »

Summer Safety Tips

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The kids are out of school, the summer sun is beating down and the pool is open! That’s right, it’s summer vacation!  But with all the wonderful memory making moments that come with those magical three months also come many dangers. As much as we like to pretend we remember all those very important summer… Read more »

8 Ways to Save on Gas

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As politicians bicker back and forth about the rising cost of gas prices, those of us here in the trenches are stuck paying exuberant amounts just to simply get around town. If you’re looking for something YOU can do about the ridiculous gas prices, I would recommend contacting your Senator and Congressman. Even more importantly I would… Read more »