Toys, Tools and Furniture – December Recalls Ran the Gamut

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Three Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls topped 100,000 units in December making them, statistically, the ones most likely to be in your home. They include the Colorful Heats Teddy sold by Build-A-Bear Workshop, recalled for eyes that pose a choking hazard; Circo-brand children’s travel suitcases sold at Target, recalled for excess levels of lead;… Read more »

New California Laws 2012

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Happy 2012 and happy “the kids are finally back in school” week for all the parents of school aged kids out there. But you might want to stop and take a minute before you head out the door to make sure that with the number of new laws going into effect in 2012, you’re not… Read more »

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

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We all want the “magic bullet” that will decrease our risk of all diseases. We’re all constantly trying new vitamins, pills, diets, etc etc etc…. Well here’s the the real hot ticket that has been proven time and time again. Can you guess it? The video is only 10 minutes long, and has some pretty cool… Read more »

Product Recall Tool to Keep Your Family Safe

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 Product recalls can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to find relevant recalls to you and your family. I just realized how hard in fact–I’ve been using this coffee grinder for the last few years without knowing that my family and I have been at a high risk by using it! has recently begun contributing… Read more »

Lacerating Sports Gear to Flammable Beds: Product Recalls in Review, November 2011

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November was a relatively tame month in terms of Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls. The CPSC announced just 21 product recalls, including one expansion of a previously announced refrigerator recall, for a grand total of 1.1 million product units.  By comparison, since 2004, the CPSC has issued an average of 29 recalls for over… Read more »

How Mom Survives the Flu

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In continuing with my flu related themes post this last month, I decided I may need to make a specific list targeting just moms. You see because try as we might to prevent the flu or prepare for the flu, chances are we’re going to get sick at some point during the season. This of… Read more »