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Does Turning Off Your Phone Stop Location Sharing?

People might want to turn off their phone’s location-sharing feature for many reasons. Generally, turning off your mobile device will do the trick, but there are some instances where your phone could still send out a location signal or be tracked from another device. 

Let’s look at how turning off your cell phone could impact your phone’s ability to share location or use location-sharing apps like Life360

Does Turning Off Your Phone Affect Location-Sharing Services?

Turning off your phone could affect location-sharing services. Most smartphones and location-sharing apps require multiple elements to track and share your position, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular network. 

If you were to turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode, you would no longer be able to access Wi-Fi or the cellular network. Not having access to either of these components could impact the performance of your location-sharing services. 

Can Your Location Be Tracked When Your Phone Is Off?

Turning off your phone can prevent your location from being tracked because the device no longer sends signals to the cell towers. However, your service provider or internet provider will be able to see your last location before the phone was turned off and your device’s current location once it’s turned back on. 

Can Life360 See Location If Your Phone Is Off?

Since Life360 is an app, the location-sharing service is also disconnected when a phone is turned off. However, Life360 does have the ability to provide the location history of the device for 30 days. 

Life360 can’t see the phone’s location mainly because once the mobile device is shut off, so is its GPS functionality. Since Life360 utilizes GPS data to calculate a person’s location, the app won’t work properly without access to the information. 

Can Someone See Your Location If Your Phone Is Dead?

While the app won’t provide you with the location information of a user if their phone is dead, Life360 does have an interesting feature that will let you know why their location isn’t available. 

For example, if someone in your circle doesn’t have a current location, the app will provide a status on that person’s phone. The status will generally include the battery life percentage of that particular mobile device. The app will also alert you when someone’s phone is low on power. 

Both of these features will usually provide enough information to conclude that a person’s phone has died, and that’s why their location isn’t available. 

Keep Connected With Your Friends and Family Through Life360

Even though location sharing might be affected by your phone shutting off, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the app for your family. It’s a great tool to stay connected with everyone and ensure your friends and family are safe. Try Life360 for free and see why thousands of families enjoy the peace of mind it provides.