8 Ways to Save on Gas

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As politicians bicker back and forth about the rising cost of gas prices, those of us here in the trenches are stuck paying exuberant amounts just to simply get around town. If you’re looking for something YOU can do about the ridiculous gas prices, I would recommend contacting your Senator and Congressman. Even more importantly I would… Read more »

2 Different Reasons Why being an Over-Involved Parent Doesn’t Work?

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You’re mystified as you watch her in action and want to scream, “Stop behaving like that.” Sounds, like I’m talking about a child, right? I’m not; I’m talking about an over-involved parent. Over-involved parents tend to micromanage everything in their child’s world. They’re the parents who think it’s better to fix, rather than teach their… Read more »

The Message of The Lorax

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If you look hard enough in just about any kids movie, you can find deep in the heart of it is a message. Sometimes it’s buried deep beneath a pile of commercial endorsements, fart jokes, special effects, and silly slapstick humor that always seems to appeal to the elementary school crowd. But no matter how… Read more »

The Value of Volunteering

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For many of us with school-aged children, school fundraisers and volunteer opportunities are a lot more than just doing our part to help out the school. Some fundraisers that are put together for specific events can help children and their families cover the costs for otherwise unaffordable field trips, camps or other events. Yes, scholarships… Read more »

Single Moms Equal Child Abuse and Neglect?

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In my years on this earth I have seen some pretty stupid pieces of legislation be introduced at both the local and national level. But recently one was introduced that defied all common decency and logic. In Wisconsin, a state senator introduced a bill that would penalize single moms by claiming their unmarried status as… Read more »

A Mother’s Instinct

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When my son was little he used to get the croup. I can remember the first time he had it. We had no idea what it was, we just knew that the sound coming from his little baby chest was unlike anything we’d ever heard. It’s funny though. After a couple of times dealing with… Read more »